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Elle Fanning



How do you and your castmates keep from cracking up from the silliness in scenes in “The Great”?

We don’t. I mean, as you can see, I don’t know if you watched like the trailer ... it’s like Nick (co-star Nicholas Hoult, who plays Peter) walking around in the absurd like feather headdress like dancing and like walking about. You can’t help but laugh at all the little things in the

writing. And I think I mean, we try to hold it together. We try to do a good job.

The costumes are gorgeous, but I would assume they were confining in a way. Did you have to act around them – especially with that giant baby bump?

I’m pregnant for a lot of the series, so we would have different stages of the bump. And it was interestin­g

working with our costume team and making the dresses that would work and show the bump in a certain way. That was definitely a whole deal. And I did, I got to wear a prosthetic for some scenes, which I loved. I got to do a mold of my body. It took about two hours to put on, but it was really interestin­g. Very, very heavy, kind of hard to hold up, which

I’m assuming I guess that’s what it would be. I’ve obviously never been pregnant, but I really liked playing with that. I think it’s such a big part

of the season.

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