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Kelly Rowland

8 p.m. on WUSA WJZ Robbie the Reindeer in Hooves of Fire

First shown in the United States with its original voice cast, this British-produced special was revoiced for American network television. Thus: Ben Stiller, Hugh Grant, Britney Spears, Jim Belushi, Brad Garrett, Leah Remini, Jerry Stiller, James Woods, Dan Dierdorf and Dick Enberg are heard in the off-kilter, animated story of the quest of Rudolph’s son to take his father’s place on Santa’s sleigh team.

8 p.m. on LIFE Movie: Merry Liddle Christmas Baby

Kelly Rowland and Thomas Cadrot reprise their roles as Jacquie Liddle and her husband, Tyler, in this latest installmen­t in the hit holiday movie franchise. This year the Liddle household has a lot to be merry about, as Jacquie and Tyler prepare to welcome their first baby. Elsewhere, Treena (Latonya Williams), Jacquie’s cousin, and her hubby, Julian (Jaime M. Callica), are mulling becoming adoptive parents themselves, while fashionist­a sister Kiara (Bresha Webb) is getting serious about boyfriend Chris (Nathan Witte).

8:30 p.m. on WNUV Wellington Paranormal

It may be the most wonderful time of the year, but that doesn’t mean Officers Minogue and O’Leary (Mike Minogue, Karen O’Leary) don’t have a busy time of it while making their rounds in the yuletide-themed “’Twas the Patrol Before Christmas.”

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