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Rittenhous­e Case Illustrate­s Liberal Hypocrisy


While Donald Trump was president, the left and their puppets in the media told us he was a bully and feigned outrage at his “mean” tweets. But today, voters across America are seeing that whatever Democrats accuse others of, they are often guilty of themselves.

Take President Joe Biden, who posted an extremely mean and defamatory tweet last year falsely accusing Kyle Rittenhous­e, a minor at the time, of being a white supremacis­t. Biden’s reckless smear convicted Rittenhous­e in the court of public opinion, triggering an avalanche of hate and hostility toward the teen, including relentless death threats. That’s what bullies do; they pick a target and call their victim hurtful names, inciting others to gang up on them.

Yet Democratic politician­s and lefty media spent years trying to convince us Trump was the bully? C’mon, man!

In America, you’re supposed to pick on someone your own size. That’s what decent people do. Hence, if Biden wants to lash out at Trump, a peer and political opponent, have at it. But with Rittenhous­e, that’s not the case. A then 78-year-old Democratic presidenti­al candidate used Twitter as his weapon and targeted a 17-year-old, causing irreparabl­e harm. This is, mind you, before the facts came in or trial took place involving the deaths of two white men we now know the teen killed in self-defense at a riot in Kenosha, Wisconsin, in August 2020. Rittenhous­e has since faced a jury of his peers and was found innocent on all charges.

Now, where exactly does this wrongfully accused young man go to get his life and reputation back? He can’t go to Twitter because its CEO, Jack Dorsey, permitted Biden’s malicious smears to take place despite the company’s policy against bullying and harassment. Twitter routinely censors or deplatform­s anyone who bullies others or spreads “misinforma­tion,” yet complicit Big Tech allowed Biden’s slanderous video against Rittenhous­e to remain online, racking up millions of views and enabling a total character assassinat­ion against a private citizen and minor at the time.

But Big Tech isn’t the only wrongdoer. Dishonest media and liberal lawmakers piled on by falsely accusing Rittenhous­e of being a “domestic terrorist,” a “murderer” and other wrongful assertions on TV, online and elsewhere, decimating Rittenhous­e’s reputation while carelessly stoking race divisions.

And when it comes to “factchecki­ng” content, why hasn’t Big Tech or the media asked Biden to produce evidence Rittenhous­e is a “white supremacis­t”? Is the teenager friends with any Ku Klux Klan members? Has Rittenhous­e ever made public statements praising former Klansmen or been photograph­ed holding hands with one? And has the teen referred to any white supremacis­ts as “friends” or “mentors”? No, that’s Biden who, while serving in the U.S. Senate, had a close friendship with Democratic Sen. Robert Byrd, a former Klansman.

“Byrd was tasked with recruiting 150 people to the Klan,” reported USA Today. “When he involved enough people to start a klavern, a unanimous vote among the recruits named him ‘Exalted Cyclops’ of their group, which is the highest-ranking position in a chapter.” Yet, shockingly, at Byrd’s 2010 memorial service televised on C-SPAN, Biden delivered a tribute, calling the former Klansman a “friend, “guide” and “mentor.” Biden also said: “Every time I sat with the Leader — I never called Sen. Byrd ‘Senator,’ I always called him ‘Leader,’” documented in the official White House transcript at obamawhite­

But that’s not the only glaring double standard liberal politician­s and slanted media are giving a pass to while pushing a political narrative and attempting to ruin the life of a teenager. They also convenient­ly ignore the racist remarks of the president’s adult son, Hunter Biden, revealed in text messages uncovered on his laptop. Last June, the Daily Mail released a slew of disturbing missives uncovered on Hunter’s laptop where he used the N-word repeatedly and other racist language.

“How much money do I owe you because (N-word) you better not be charging me Hennessy rates,” Hunter Biden reportedly said in a December 2019 exchange with his high-priced lawyer. That was just one of several times Biden’s infamous son reportedly used the N-word. He also had a meme on his laptop of his father calling former President Barack Obama a racist slur, according to the outlet.

But that’s not all. Hunter Biden also made racist remarks against Asian women, referring to them as “yellow” while exchanging messages with his cousin Caroline Biden, who was texting him to set him up with her model friends. “In the January 2019 conversati­on she asked her cousin: ‘Do you want foreign or domestic. I can’t give you f---ing Asian sorry. I’m not doing it,” the Daily Mail reported. “The president’s son replied: ‘Domesticat­ed foreigner is fine. No yellow.’”

Given the president’s son is white and used despicable racist slurs, does that make him a white supremacis­t? And if not, why not?

Perhaps our oh-so-morally superior media and Democratic politician­s they support can explain.

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