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Homemade laundry and carpet stain remover


I’m excited to teach you how to make a fabulous, if not magical, homemade stain remover. This stain remover recipe is so easy and cheap to make. And, wow, does it perform! INGREDIENT­S

You will need fresh hydrogen peroxide, Blue Dawn dishwashin­g liquid, a clean, empty spray bottle (any size) and a funnel (optional). INSTRUCTIO­NS

Into a spray bottle, using a funnel if desired, pour one part Blue Dawn and two parts fresh hydrogen peroxide, i.e. 1 cup Blue Dawn and 2 cups hydrogen peroxide OR 2 tablespoon­s Blue Dawn and 4 tablespoon­s hydrogen peroxide. The ratio is important.

This means that you can use any size bottle to make up any amount of laundry stain remover you need or want. On a personal note, I prefer a dark amber spray bottle because it helps to protect the hydrogen peroxide from light.


Shake bottle to mix. Apply to stain. Wait a few minutes.

Don’t be surprised when that stain disappears all by itself! Or, if not, rub the stain with a brush or clean white cloth. (You don’t want to transfer color from a cleaning cloth to the stained item.)

Launder the item as usual. If treating carpet or upholstery, use sparingly then rinse and blot with clear water.

This DIY laundry stain remover is a miracle worker all around the house. I use it to pretreat stains on kitchen and bath linens, clothes, carpet, rugs, my white sofas and dining room chairs.

 ?? ?? MARY HUNT

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