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Unemployed, single mom needs some help


Rhonda works as a personal caregiver. Her elderly employer died about three months ago, and she hasn’t been able to find another client.

She is a single mom raising a 10-year-old son, Oscar. His dad isn’t in the picture. Rhonda’s mom helps out when she can but is struggling to meet her own bills.

A donation to the Brighter Christmas Fund would help provide presents for Oscar to open Christmas morning.

The Brighter Christmas Fund is a 501(c)(3) charity, and taxdeducti­ble donations, which also help other families in need on the Mid-Shore, may be sent to The Brighter Christmas Fund, c/o The Star Democrat, P.O. Box 600, Easton, MD 21601. Donations also may be made online via credit card or Paypal at www.brighterch­ristmasfun­ Click the “Donate” button. For more informatio­n about the Fund, call 410-200-1884. The total to date is: $78,535. Those sharing the spirit of giving with others this holiday include:

Ina Jo and Jim Van Ness

In Memory of Grace R. Schuyler In Memory of James and Jacqueline McDaniel

In Memory of Florence McDaniel Hopkins

Mary “Meezi” Goodwin

In Memory of Phyllis and Artie Jeffra In Memory of Howard and Jessie Moffett Andi and Don Foster

In Memory of James, Jim and Betty McQueeney

In Memory of Peter Wood, Love Daddio Roberta Lilly

In Memory of Claude and Faye Cecil Susan and Jack Sherman

Laurie and Beth Driggs-Athens, ME In Loving Memory of Hayward and Catherine Henry

In Loving Memory of Linwood Baines Jr and Linwood Baines III

Elaine and Ed Bednarz

In Memory of Mary Weaver

In Memory of our Fathers, Morton L. Shearer and Robert J. Koch Michael Boldosser

Francine and Vince DeSanctis Talbot County Democratic Forum Chris and Carter Bradshaw

In Loving Memory of Brandi Leigh Wright, Robert Wheatley and Billy Wright

John and Susan Dillon

In Honor of Dr. and Mrs.William Albers In Memory of Alan Baynard

Anne H. Dudley

Edward Wyant

In Memory of Charlie Hemming, Harolyn Dunham, Hope Messick and Linda Heinmuller

In Memory of Al Lawing

In Loving Memory of Lillian and Eugene Mattingly, Louise and Richard

Bair and Fallen Comrades USMC Deborah and James McKee

In Memory of Betty J. and William C. Hunt and Jon and Kelly Brown

In Honor of Midge Menzies and Leslie Ware for their amazing good works for the Talbot Hospice Festival of Trees Audrey and Stephen Forrer Barbara and Lou Runz

Pamela Baker

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