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Travel costs cut into gift budget

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DEAR HARRIETTE: I go to visit my family every Christmas. This year, there are two new babies, lots of young adults and us older folks. My family and I fly to be with the rest of the family. The whole trip is fairly expensive, but we love being together. Sadly, we couldn’t do it last year because of COVID-19.

All of us will be there this year, but I don’t have a lot of money left for gifts for everyone. What I want to do is concentrat­e on the children, the babies. Do you think that’s OK? Should I say something in advance, given that we usually bring a lot of presents? — Fewer


Let’s start by saying that the gift of being in each other’s company is the best gift of all, in my book.

It’s a good idea to speak to your family members, at least the host, to express your intentions for holiday gifts. Let them know that you will concentrat­e on the little ones. Perhaps you can give cards to the others.You might also suggest a philanthro­pic idea that your family can participat­e in where you give to those in need. My sister has organized a charity service at her church for years. You might consider pooling resources and doing something similar as a group rather than spending so much on items that the young and older adults don’t need.

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