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Love Came Down at Christmas!


There once was a prince in search of a maiden suitable to be his queen. One day while running an errand in the local village he passed through a poor section. As he glanced out the windows of the carriage his eyes fell upon a beautiful peasant maiden. During the ensuing days he often passed by the young lady and soon fell in love. But he had a problem. How would he seek her hand?

He could order her to marry him. But even a prince wants his bride to marry him freely and voluntaril­y and not through coercion. He could put on his most splendid uniform and drive up to her front door in a carriage drawn by six white horses. But if he did this, he would never be certain whether the maiden really loved him or was simply overcome by all his splendor and wealth.

The prince came up with another solution. He gave up his kingly robe. He moved into the village, entering not with a crown but in the clothes of a peasant. He lived among the people, shared their interests and concerns, and even spoke their language. In time the maiden grew to love him, because of who he was and because he loved her first.

This is the story of Christmas! The Son of God, the Prince of the universe, so loved the world that He left His heavenly home and became a fragile infant born in a stable, all in hopes that we would see Him as He is and love Him in return. The One who always lived in a perfect environmen­t surrounded by perfect love and absolute purity; who always lived in total freedom with no restrictio­ns or restraints; who was all-powerful, all-knowing, and everywhere-present-at-once chose to limit Himself and become one of us, all because of love. In so doing, He experience­d life from our point of view. He grew up enjoying family and friends, dealing with trials and temptation, feeling both great joy and gutwrenchi­ng sorrow, and ultimately suffering and dying a cruel and painful death in our place.

Because love came DOWN at Christmas, we too have the opportunit­y to experience a love that leads to eternal life. “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life”

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