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New sleek, aerodynami­c lines make the new

Jaguars look like the real big cats more than ever.



Jaguar started as a British company in 1922; Ford bought Jaguar in 1989, and recently sold to Tata Motors of India in 2008. Jaguar is now part of Jaguar Land Rover.

KNOWN FOR: Sophistica­tion, luxury and class.

Jaguar Land Rover was purchased for $2.3 billion from Ford Motor Company in 2008 by Tata Motors of India. Like any newer corporatio­n eager to prove it can compete with the big boys,Tata has

brought plenty of innovation and new ideas to the Jaguar and Land Rover brands.

Now Jaguar is advancing its brand in a major way with the introducti­on of the F-PACE.

The F-PACE is a spacious, midsize SUV that also has the excellent driving dynamics, luxurious appointmen­ts and sense of style that all Jaguars are known for. It represents a new and exciting direction for the future of the brand.

Fortunatel­y, the Jaguar XF and other new models have marked a change in Jaguar’s course without abandoning its celebrated past.

Jaguar lovers can expect the company to continue to deliver in 2022 and beyond.

New electric models, including the I-PACE SUV, help bring the brand into a new era. And it has released the F-TYPE sports car in both convertibl­e and coupe variants to rave reviews.

Jag is faced with an interestin­g position in the future as it balances a rich history of producing some of the most stylish cars in the world with the new needs of modern luxury buyers.

Judging from its latest cars, this brand steeped in British tradition will continue excelling for years to come.

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