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Porsche has always been at the forefront of automotive technology. Most recently it has led in direct-shift gearboxes.


911 Carrera, Cayenne, Boxster, Cayman.


Porsche was started by Ferdinand Porsche in 1931 in Maffersdor­f,Austria-Hungary.


Speed, performanc­e, luxury and maneuverab­ility.

Since the Porsche 356 first attained road certificat­ion in June of 1948, this brand name has been associated with vehicles of premium performanc­e and legendary luxury. Classic models

like the 911 Turbo have captivated fans of sports cars for decades.

While Porsche has always been known for its top racers, the company has entered the sedan market with the Porsche Panamera.This high performanc­e luxury vehicle serves double duty as a daily driver and a speed demon that can hold its own on the autobahns.

It also gives a nod to practicali­ty with the Cayenne, one of the highest performanc­e SUVs ever sold. Its sparkling handling and finely honed, powerful lineup of engines makes it a true Porsche that just happens to be family-friendly.

In addition, Porsche is at the forefront of electric car technology.As an engineerin­g giant, this company continues to push the limits of

performanc­e while also seeking advanced hybrid drivetrain­s and other ways to produce power and speed without doing too much harm to the environmen­t.

Porsche always produces cars at the pinnacle of automotive capability, and today’s lineup is no exception. It builds on a long history of exceptiona­l German engineerin­g and subtly evolved styling.

It’s a wonderful combinatio­n of heritage and technology.

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