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Logistics interfere with Christmas tradition

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DEAR HARRIETTE: I’m excited to visit my family this year for the holidays, especially since last year’s quarantine prevented us from being together. My problem is that the only affordable flight I could get lands me

COLE at home on Christmas Day. My family has a ritual on Christmas Eve where the adults wrap gifts together, and the kids get to open one gift the night before. I so want to be there for that, but I couldn’t make it work. Am I wrong to ask the family to delay that until Christmas afternoon when I arrive? — Nostalgic


You cannot ask your family to delay this tradition. That would be unfair to them and awkward for all. What you can do is suggest that they include you using technology. One thing that most of us experience­d and many mastered for this nearly two years of quarantine is how to use digital technology to stay connected. Ask your family to set up a computer or other device so you can FaceTime, Zoom or otherwise connect to each other on Christmas Eve. In this way, they can go about their normal activities and include you in the process. You do not have to miss out, and all they have to do is set up the device so that you are in the mix with them! Problem solved.


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