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Car dealer spills secrets for leather interiors

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Do you know what I love? Learning authentic and reliable insider secrets.

I’ve got one for you today, prompted by a question sent in by a faithful reader.

Dear Mary: I recently purchased a late-model previously owned vehicle. Do you know the type of treatment that car dealers use to treat leather seats? The car is an expensive purchase for me, and I need to know how to take good care of the interior to make it last. — Jan G.

Dear Jan: Are the leather seats dirty, or are you simply wanting to protect and treat them ? I am thinking it may be time to clean the leather just to remove the kind of dirt that naturally builds up from regular use. And, yes, leather needs to be treated regularly to keep it soft and supple.

I checked with a car dealer friend of mine, and he said you are pretty smart. Car dealers charge you an arm and a leg to do what you could probably do yourself.

After a bit of arm-twisting, he told me his shop’s secret: KevianClea­n Leather Cleaner and Conditione­r . He assures me that this one product will clean, condition and protect the leather, and leave it soft and supple.

For several years now, I have used KevianClea­n on our car seats and interior, our leather recliners, my leather handbag, leather shoes and even my top-cowhide leatherbou­nd Bible. The results continue to be amazing.

Thanks for being such a faithful reader, Jan! That means the world to me.

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