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Greed is never good

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Greed is like cancer that, when left untreated, can destroy individual­s, families, businesses, government­s and economies. Greed makes financiall­y ignorant people putty in the hands of the consumer credit industry.

My own ignorance about credit and debt, and my skewed logic that somehow

I could have all that I want now and it would somehow work out in the end, set me up to be greed’s dream client. Credit was my accomplice.

I’m a lot wiser now, as a result of the hard lessons that experience taught me. Here are four simple steps:


Putting others’ needs ahead of our wants takes our eyes off of our selfish desires. It fills us with compassion for the needs of others.


A heart filled with gratitude expresses itself with generosity. Generosity kills greed. As you acknowledg­e all that you have in light of the needs of those around you, you’ll find yourself feeling genuinely grateful in ways you may have not experience­d before.


Take some of your wants and find someone who has a real need. Take the money you would have spent on those wants and give it to the person in need instead.


Make giving part of your personal money management program.

Just imagine living in an environmen­t that is void of greed. I’ve seen gratitude in operation in my own community, and I cannot describe the joy and contentmen­t this brings.

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