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WASHINGTON, DC — It’s not just old-timers who have those “senior moments;” studies show that we gradually begin to find it harder to focus when we are in our twenties and it gets more difficult as we age — it’s a slow process but it’s also part of the aging process.

“A specific brain network, the locus coeruleus, that controls our ability to focus while under stress appears to weaken as we age, interferin­g with our ability to focus,” is how Science Daily explains it. Studies have shown that when we get older it’s normal for us to get distracted, making it hard for us to pay attention.

According to Professor Mara Mather, a co-author of one of those studies, “Trying hard to complete a task increases emotional arousal, so when younger adults try hard, this should increase their ability to ignore distractin­g informatio­n.”

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