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3 financial resolution­s to make in 2022


1 Save money by doing things yourself

Don’t panic. You don’t have to give up everything you enjoy having done for you but if you commit to doing one little luxury (like a car wash or manicure) yourself instead of paying for it, while also committing to socking that money away, imagine how much you’d save in a year.”

2 Make a realistic budget and stick to it

According to Wallet Hub, people who want to make a budget should start with a list of all their recurring expenses and rank them in order of importance, with housing, food and health care in the top spots. Then, you should cut the expenses that have the lowest priority until your income exceeds your spending.

3 Add one month’s pay to your emergency fund

According to Wallet Hub, building up an emergency fund “should be one of the first orders of business for any financial makeover” in case of unexpected job loss or unexpected medical expenses. Ultimately, the goal should be to have between 12 and 18 months’ take-home income in your emergency savings.

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