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You can put silver in the dishwasher

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Contrary to popular belief, you can put silver in the dishwasher without causing harm, provided you are careful to follow a simple set of rules.

Rule No. 1: Only solid flatware and silver pieces in the dishwasher. That means no pearl handles, no items with glue joints, no weighted/reinforced items. If your flatware includes hollow handle knives, you must not put those knives into the dishwasher; they must be washed by hand.

Rule No. 2:

Rinse off all silver pieces immediatel­y after use. Don’t let food sit on silver as it may cause corrosion or pitting.

Rule No. 3: Don’t let the silver pieces touch any other type of metal, including stainless steel, which will leave marks on your silver that are very difficult to remove.

Rule No. 4: When washing silver in the dishwasher, stick with the normal or delicate cycle, not a heavy-duty setting or high-temp sanitizing type option.

Rule No. 5: When washing silver in the dishwasher, avoid automatic dishwasher detergent that contains lemon, citrus or phosphates. Cascade Complete Powder is an excellent choice as it is phosphate-free with no lemon or citrus added. Its ingredient­s: soda ash, sodium silicate and sodium percarbona­te — all safe for silver.

Now you have every reason to use your silver and enjoy it!

 ?? ?? MARY HUNT

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