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Easton Utilities presents tariff revision to town council to increase water, wastewater service by 6.3%


EASTON — Easton Utilities presented the need for a tariff revision to increase rates for water and wastewater services during the Easton Town Council meeting on Dec. 20.

Easton Utilities requested a rate increase of 6.3%, which equates to 16 cents per day for an average customer, according to the company’s president and CEO Hugh E. Grunden.

“...there is never a good time for a rate increase, but there are times when it’s necessary to do so, and that’s where we find ourselves today,” Grunden said.

Grunden explained that the cost to maintain the company’s aging infrastruc­ture and the ability to provide the expected level of customer service has “increased to beyond what our current revenues can sustain.”

The last rate increase for water and wastewater was approved by the town council in 2015. That year, Easton Utilities presented a 37% increase — an amount that many were disappoint­ed by, Grunden said.

After the significan­t rate increase in 2015, the town council expressed their clear preference for Easton Utilities to present smaller rate increases more frequently.

A vote by the town council is anticipate­d this month, with new rates effective Feb. 1.

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