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Easton’s police chief makes final radio call

- BY MIKE DETMER mdetmer@chespub .com

EASTON — Easton’s outgoing police chief made his final official radio call on Wednesday, calling Talbot’s central dispatch with the traditiona­l “1042” to signify going off duty.

In a video posted on social media, Chief David Spencer was sitting in his police vehicle when he initiated the radio traffic.

“E-31, Talbot Center,” Spencer said, using his badge number to identify himself to the dispatcher. “E-31, go ahead,” the female dispatcher replied. Spencer keyed the mic again. “E-31, Talbot Center, 10-42,” he said, using the “ten code” police communicat­ion signifying “end duty.”

“E-31, 10-4,” came the ten code response for “message received.”

“After 44 years of service, Chief David A. Spencer has retired from the Easton Police department. We congratula­te you on your much earned retirement. We also thank you for the dedication you demonstrat­ed to the citizens of Easton, Talbot County and the state of Maryland while you participat­ed and guided the law enforcemen­t profession toward its goal to benefit all of our citizens,” the dispatcher said.

“Talbot Center, E-31,” she said, hailing the outgoing chief one last time, “On behalf of all those monitoring this channel, thank you for your service, and 10-4.”

 ?? CONTRIBUTE­D PHOTO ?? Chief David A. Spencer makes his final radio call.
CONTRIBUTE­D PHOTO Chief David A. Spencer makes his final radio call.

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