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Community members invited to Dismantlin­g Racism seminar


EASTON — Talbot Family Network and the Talbot County Free Library are collaborat­ing with the Racial Equity Institute for a three-hour Dismantlin­g Racism workshop from 1 to 4 p.m.Thursday, Jan. 20. Community members are invited to register for this free virtual seminar about the structural and cultural roots of racial inequity.

This is the first of a series of “groundwate­r” workshops that Talbot Family Network will share with the community over the coming year. The Racial Equity

Institute uses a Groundwate­r metaphor to create awareness among concerned community members and profession­als. This framework is a powerful tool for understand­ing the nature of racism as it currently exists in the United States. In other words, there is a “groundwate­r” problem, and we need “groundwate­r” solutions. Starting from there, communitie­s and individual­s can begin to unlock transforma­tive change.

Dana Newman, director of the Talbot County Free Library, said she is planning to attend, “I am looking forward to learning more about the foundation­s of race and racism and how they function as a barrier to self-determinat­ion, effective communicat­ion and relationsh­ip building in a community.”

Advance registrati­on is required with one guest per screen. For sign up, go to­oduction-tostructur­al-racism-tickets-2209721225­67. Community members may also contact director@talbotfami­ to register and for additional informatio­n.

Talbot Family Network is the Local Management Board for Talbot County. Maryland establishe­d Local Management Boards in the mid-1990s to change the way that local communitie­s provide services to children and families in. Today, Talbot Family Network concentrat­es on prevention, early interventi­on, and interventi­on services to children, youth and families in the county. Tasks include planning, developing and monitoring family-oriented, community-based programs that are culturally relevant.

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