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The State (Sunday) - - GameTime - BY GEORGE DICKIE

Some ac­tors say that when they play a char­ac­ter over the course of years, they find they start to pick up some of their traits. Have you ex­pe­ri­enced that with Cal­lie at all in “The Fosters” and now “Good Trou­ble”?

I think that when you’re on a show for so long, I’m not sure whether it’s you take on their traits or they take on yours. I think for “The Fosters,” I was ob­vi­ously play­ing much younger. I’m 25 now.

So by the end of the sea­son, I was still play­ing a teenager at the end of that show. So I didn’t find sim­i­lar traits for “The Fosters” in the way that I do now be­cause the sto­ries are so much more rel­e­vant to my life and kind of per­sonal jour­neys that I’m on at this point in my life.

But there’s def­i­nitely sim­i­lar­i­ties be­tween Cal­lie and I and the same with Mar­i­ana and Cierra (Ramirez, her co-star). They’re a lot more sim­i­lar than Cal­lie and I are. But I think what’s re­ally in­ter­est­ing is Cierra and my re­la­tion­ship in real life is very sim­i­lar to Mar­i­ana and Cal­lie’s, and I think that’s just from Cierra and I be­ing so close. We’re best friends in real life and we are like sis­ters, so watch­ing the way that the writ­ers have taken on our dy­namic and re­ally put it into this show in par­tic­u­lar has been re­ally fun so it’s re­ally easy for us.

What’s the most fun about play­ing this char­ac­ter?

I think for me, I’m at the point in my ca­reer that I’m at now where I re­ally wanted to be chal­lenged, so what’s been re­ally fun for me has been all the kind of le­gal con­ver­sa­tions and the po­lit­i­cal stuff. That’s been re­ally in­ter­est­ing for me, I’ve been learn­ing a lot. But yeah, work­ing with Cierra is so fun and so easy.

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