Johns Hop­kins Health Break­through Of­fers “Great Hope for Mil­lions of Si­nus Suf­fer­ers”

New dis­cov­ery tar­gets in­fected throat mu­cus - to stop post nasal drip, con­ges­tion, runny noses, cough­ing, sneez­ing, ring­ing ears, and sore throats

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Re­searchers at Johns Hop­kins Hospi­tal have re­cently dis­cov­ered that stuffed up noses and other nasal prob­lems are of­ten to­tally un­re­lated to colds or flu!

In­stead, these doc­tors found that in many cases, the real cause of nasal prob­lems is … fun­gus! Specif­i­cally, it’s the 38 dif­fer­ent harm­ful fungi which you in­hale in the air you breathe. For in­stance, in one study of 210 peo­ple with si­nus in­fec­tions, 96% of them had fun­gus in their mu­cus.

Did you know you take roughly 24,000 breaths daily, in­hal­ing 90 per­cent of the in­fec­tion-caus­ing fungi in your body through your nose? Or that in­su­la­tion with poor ven­ti­la­tion, plus in­door mold and air pol­lu­tants, have trig­gered a plague of si­nus and nasal prob­lems af­fect­ing mil­lions? How? These harm­ful fungi hide in your throat, where they in­fect your mu­cus, caus­ing your nasal pas­sages to swell up.

Re­sult: Con­ges­tion, drip­ping mu­cus, runny nose, end­less sneez­ing, con­stant cough­ing, ring­ing in your ears, sore throat, and ten­der­ness of the face.

No won­der mil­lions of si­nus suf­fer­ers are now re­joic­ing about this new so­lu­tion!

The only way to get rid of in­fected mu­cus

An­tibi­otics, an­ti­his­tamines, and steroid-con­tain­ing nasal sprays are no help in fight­ing si­nus in­fec­tion. In fact, over­the-counter de­con­ges­tant sprays can ac­tu­ally harm the small hairs lin­ing your nose, caus­ing mu­cus to build up even more.

But now, a break­through 100% nat­u­ral for­mula, Sin­uProl, is the first nasal treat­ment that can ac­tu­ally help re­move in­fected mu­cus

from your nose. No other so­lu­tions do that! By flush­ing in­fected mu­cus out of your sys­tem, Sin­uProl can dry up runny noses, end con­stant cough­ing, and un­clog your swollen nasal chan­nels. And do it bet­ter and faster than any med­i­ca­tion you can buy at a drug store!

The nat­u­ral al­ter­na­tive to nasal sprays

Sin­uProl is a unique all-nat­u­ral, drug-free for­mu­la­tion. It in­cludes the plant pig­ment quercetin, pine bark ex­tract, but­ter­bur leaf, fever­few, sting­ing net­tle, and other in­fec­tion-fight­ing herbs.

A clin­i­cal study re­cently pub­lished in the Jour­nal Phy­tother­apy Re­search found that pine bark

ex­tract re­duced nasal symp­toms by al­most 21% more than a placebo.

The pine bark works syn­er­gis­ti­cally with 9 ad­di­tional nu­tri­ents to re­move fungi-in­fected mu­cus from stuffed nasal pas­sage­ways. Noth­ing else even comes close!

Only Sin­uProl lessens in­flam­ma­tion and boosts your im­mune sys­tem to help fight fungi, germs, and bac­te­ria lurk­ing in your mu­cus. The pill also sup­ports your up­per res­pi­ra­tory sys­tem, so that you breathe more freely.

Runny nose - should you be wor­ried?

A stuffed-up nose may be just a cold. Or, it may be some­thing far worse: a si­nus in­fec­tion, oth­er­wise known as “si­nusi­tis.” Ac­cord­ing to the Cen­ter for Dis­ease Con­trol (CDC), about 37 mil­lion Amer­i­cans suf­fer from si­nusi­tis.

Se­ri­ous cases of si­nusi­tis can lead to blood clots and brain in­fec­tion, caus­ing ab­scesses, menin­gi­tis, and even death!

The si­nus in­fec­tion can also spread to your fa­cial bones, trig­ger­ing headaches, fever, and swelling in the eye socket -which in some cases can cause loss of vi­sion.

Don’t let si­nus in­fec­tions fester

“When you have nasal and si­nus prob­lems for longer than 7 to 12 days, that means it’s al­most cer­tainly si­nusi­tis,” says Dr. Ryan Shel­ton, a med­i­cal doc­tor from Seat­tle. “I ad­vise pa­tients to take Sin­uProl right away to quickly get rid of fun­gus-rid­den mu­cus, be­fore the in­fec­tion gets worse and causes them more prob­lems.”

Dr. Eric Wood, a natur­o­pathic doc­tor from Flor­ida with mul­ti­ple TV ap­pear­ances ob­serves: “Fungi-in­fected mu­cus clumps and ad­heres to nasal air­ways, mak­ing breath­ing dif­fi­cult. Sin­uProl dis­solves that sticky mu­cus – and the fungi within it – so it flushes right out of your sys­tem when you blow your nose.”

“Once Sin­uProl re­moves all the fun­gus from your nose mu­cus, it elim­i­nates the only rea­son your im­mune sys­tem has at­tacked,” says Dr. Ja­cob Moss, an M.D. from Illinois. “By do­ing so, Sin­uProl clears your nasal pas­sages, mak­ing it easy to breathe again while stop­ping your nose from run­ning.”

Helps with al­ler­gies, too.

“Al­ler­gic rhini­tis” is a chronic nose cold sparked by an al­lergy at­tack. Sin­uProl can help end the sneez­ing, wa­tery eyes, and con­ges­tion caused by al­ler­gic rhini­tis. How? By block­ing and sweep­ing out dust, mold, pollen, fun­gus, and an­i­mal hair be­fore they cause big­ger prob­lems.

In a study ap­pear­ing in Ad­vances in Ther­apy, 580 pa­tients took 16 mg of but­ter­bur leaf ex­tract, an ac­tive in­gre­di­ent in Sin­uProl, daily for 2 weeks. The symp­toms of al­ler­gic rhini­tis, which in­cluded sneez­ing and con­ges­tion, im­proved in 90% of the par­tic­i­pants.

Keeps your nose fun­gus-free

Hav­ing si­nus in­fec­tion is not the norm: The Na­tional In­sti­tutes of Health re­ports that “healthy si­nuses con­tain no bac­te­ria or other germs. Mu­cus is able to drain out and air is able to cir­cu­late.”

Whether your si­nus dis­com­fort is the re­sult of an al­lergy, a fun­gus, vi­ral in na­ture, or from a bac­te­rial in­fec­tion, Sin­uProl can help you feel a whole lot bet­ter. Sin­uProl is man­u­fac­tured in an FDA- reg­is­tered fa­cil­ity. And comes in an easy to swal­low pill.

Could this be the end...of pesky nasal drip?

Sin­uProl is GUAR­AN­TEED to work great for you – or you PAY NOTH­ING with a 90-day un­con­di­tional money-back guar­an­tee. It is NOT sold in stores or on­line. No pre­scrip­tion or doc­tor visit is re­quired.

If Sin­uProl does not rapidly clear up your si­nus and nasal symp­toms … or you are dis­sat­is­fied for any other rea­son (or for no rea­son at all) … just re­turned the un­used por­tion or even the empty bot­tles for a prompt prod­uct re­fund. That way, you risk noth­ing.

Spe­cial Of­fer For Read­ers in South Carolina

This is the of­fi­cial na­tion­wide re­lease of Sin­uProl in the United States. And so, the com­pany is of­fer­ing a spe­cial dis­count sup­ply to any­one who calls within the next 48-hours. A Re­gional Or­der Hot­line has been set up for lo­cal read­ers to call. This gives ev­ery­one an equal chance to try Sin­uProl.

Start­ing at 7:00am to­day, the or­der hot­line will be open for 48-hours.

All you have to do is call TOLL-FREE 1-888-8140864

and pro­vide the op­er­a­tor with the spe­cial dis­count ap­proval code: SNP142. The com­pany will do the rest.

Im­por­tant: Due to Sin­uProl’s re­cent me­dia ex­po­sure phone lines are of­ten busy. If you call, and do not im­me­di­ately get through, please be pa­tient and call back. Those who miss the 48hour spe­cial dis­count of­fer must pay more for Sin­uProl.

STUN­NING RE­SEARCH SHOWS that 38 dif­fer­ent kinds of harm­ful fun­gus may be hid­den in your mu­cus, caus­ing si­nus night­mares. Now a new doc­tor ap­proved treat­ment dis­solves in­fected mu­cus to help you breathe eas­ier.

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