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2 adults, 2 children hospitaliz­ed following vehicle crash in Lowell

- By Aaron Curtis

LOWELL >> A two-vehicle crash at the intersecti­on of West Sixth and Coburn streets sent four people, including two children, to hospitals on Tuesday.

Lowell Police Deputy Superinten­dent Mark Leblanc said a man who was operating one vehicle, along with the two children passengers, were initially transporte­d to a local hospital. The man was then flown, by medical helicopter, to a Boston-area hospital for further treatment.

Leblanc said the two children were also subsequent­ly taken by ground transport to Boston-area hospitals for treatment.

The man who was operating the second vehicle was taken to a local hospital for treatment, according to Leblanc.

The cause of the crash remains under investigat­ion by the Lowell Police Department’s Accident Reconstruc­tion Unit.

Reports of the crash came in an emergency radio broadcast at about 4:30 p.m.

The thunderous collision of the two vehicles caused neighborho­od residents to rush out of their homes to investigat­e the source of the sound.

Rebecca Couture said she was inside her home on Coburn Street, approximat­ely 300 feet from the intersecti­on of Coburn and West Sixth streets, when she heard the crash. When asked to describe the sound, she forcefully punches a fist into the palm of her hand.

“Bang,” Couture said. “Ridiculous. I knew it was an accident.”

Nadine Smith, who lives on Jewett Street, situated around the corner from the intersecti­on, described the sound of the wreck as simply “terrible.”

“You heard someone trying to stop and then you heard the impact,” Smith said.

When they arrived at the crash site, Couture and Smith said they saw the driver of a Toyota Corolla unresponsi­ve and slumped over inside the vehicle. He was suffering from a visible head injury, which Smith described as a “giant gash.”

A man who wished to remain anonymous said he was barefoot when he bolted from his home on West Sixth Street after hearing the violent collision. The man said he unsuccessf­ully attempted to get the driver of the Toyota to regain consciousn­ess.

“I just held onto him until firefighte­rs arrived on scene,” the man said. “It didn’t look well. You just pray that he makes it.”

The two children were in the backseat of the Toyota, including one who was in a car seat. Other neighbors removed them from the vehicle. Smith and Couture said the child who had been sitting in the car seat appeared to be in and out of consciousn­ess before being taken away by ambulance.

After the wreck, the driver of the second vehicle, a Chrysler Town & Country, was walking around at the crash site, according to witnesses. They said he began crying at one point, before getting into an ambulance.

The Toyota suffered substantia­l damage to the entirety of its passenger side. Patches of blood could be seen inside the vehicle.

The Chrysler had extensive front-end damage.

An evidence placard from the Lowell Police was used to mark a single skid mark, approximat­ely three feet long, in the middle of the intersecti­on.

Smith and Couture, as well as Coburn Street resident Glenda Murphy, noted the brutal wreck is no surprise to them.

“This is a bad corner,” Couture said.

“Pretty bad street,” added Murphy.

They said drivers will often speed up and down Coburn Street, while also ignoring the four-way stop at its intersecti­on with West Sixth Street.

“It’s just not safe over here,” Smith said.

Police were forced to shut down the intersecti­on while the department’s Accident Reconstruc­tion Unit investigat­ed the scene. The intersecti­on was reopened at approximat­ely 7 p.m.

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 ?? AARON CURTIS — LOWELL SUN ?? A violent crash at Coburn and West Sixth streets in Lowell on Tuesday sent four people to the hospital, including two children.
AARON CURTIS — LOWELL SUN A violent crash at Coburn and West Sixth streets in Lowell on Tuesday sent four people to the hospital, including two children.

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