Dear Con­way, tax­pay­ers want an­swers

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I live on West Cox Ferry Road in Con­way. Back in March we went to a city coun­cil meet­ing about some pro­posed stu­dent hous­ing pro­ject on Ed­wards Lane, which is be­hind my house off of 544. We never heard any­thing about the pro­posed build­ing since that meet­ing.

We re­cently found out that they are clear­ing the woods be­hind our house and are go­ing for­ward with the build­ing. This is very con­cern­ing to us that we never got a say in any of this. How much stu­dent hous­ing do they need? I would like to know what is go­ing on. Why weren't we in­formed about this?

The City of Con­way should keep the res­i­dents in­formed since it has a ma­jor im­pact on our lives. Our car in­surance goes up ev­ery year be­cause of all the ac­ci­dents the stu­dents have. I think as tax pay­ers we are en­ti­tled to an ex­pla­na­tion as to why we were not in­formed. Can you please help us get some an­swers?

– Caro­line Calvert, Con­way

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