The Taos News - Best of Taos 2020 : 2019-06-13

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THE HOLIDAY SEASON IN TAOS IS FILLED WITH COLOR, SONG, TRADITION, FAITH AND TOGETHERNE­SS. No gathering exemplifie­s that more than the Taos Pueblo Procession of the Virgin Mary on Christmas Eve — voted Best Annual Event in Taos County. As darkness begins to fall, the Vespers Mass in the San Geronimo Church are concluded and the Christmas Eve procession begins. SMILE SERVING NEW MEXICAN FAVORITES WITH A FOR 28 YEARS! Not only do many locals make it a point to attend this hallowed tradition, but visitors flock to our small town to bear witness to this truly memorable occasion. TEMPO EDITOR RICK ROMANCITO of articulate­s the purpose and magic of the procession: “It’s an expression of hope that connects our collective past and the present, a visual cue that all is still vital and well in the world, and a spiritual jolt to the senses that makes real the sacred, pagan, native and secular bond between us all.” The Taos News VOTED BEST ROADSIDE FOOD STAND 15 YEARS IN A ROW On the heels of Romancito’s insightful and eloquent words, a couple of Taos Pueblo residents shared why they feel the procession is consistent­ly voted Best Annual Event in Taos County. 575-770-1171 || Monday-Friday 7am-3pm || Closed Weekends PAINTER, ILLUSTRATO­R AND AUTHOR JONATHAN WARM DAY COMING: “The holiday festivitie­s are beginning; bonfires are lit, and soon after ‘Mass’ villagers and visitors will appear from the St. Jerome church where some will be carrying the statues of the Catholic saints. Awaiting them are blanketed men balancing long torches lighting the way for the procession. Leading them are other blanketed men firing rifles into the evening sky, thick with dark billowing smoke. Accompanyi­ng them will be the village children, dancing to the chanting of ancient tribal songs. By now the village has filled with people who are witness to the coming together of beliefs from two different worlds.” PHOTOGRAPH­ER DEBBIE LUJAN: “Christmas Eve at Taos Pueblo feels like a spectacle when you first encounter the bonfires scattered about the plaza. The scene instantly becomes a place of veneration with the procession of the Virgin Mary moving haltingly through the crowds. A beautiful setting for a beautiful celebratio­n.” AND FROM THE PAST, AUTHOR D.H. LAWRENCE CONVEYED: “Never shall I forget the Christmas dances at Taos, twilight, snow, the darkness coming over the great wintry mountains and the lonely pueblo, then suddenly, again, like dark calling dark, the deep Indian cluster — singing around the drum, wild and awful, suddenly rousing on the lost dusk as the procession starts. And then the bonfires leaping suddenly in spurts of high flame, columns of sudden flame forming an alley for the procession.” (Quote from “New Mexico” typescript, D.H. Lawrence Papers, AC 131-p, Angélico Chávez History Library, Museum of New Mexico, Santa Fe.) 20% OFF W/ COUPON CODE TAOS2019 expires 7/31/19 some restrictio­ns may apply. Please note that the public is not allowed to take pictures or videos of the procession. TAOSNEWS.COM/BEST-OF-TAOS 19

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