The Taos News - Best of Taos 2020 : 2019-06-13



Sweet dreams Mary Domito isn’t called Mattress Mary for nothing By Tamra Testerman / Photos by Morgan Timms Mary Domito has a flare for drama, a skill that can transform the sale of something as prosaic as a mattress into a welcoming experience that Taoseños have gravitated toward for years. MaryDomito askill Domito’s flare for interactin­g with people and gregarious nature began in her youth. In high school, she was involved in acting and had the lead in her senior play. saleof asprosaic shewas asamattres­s intoawelco­mingexperi­ence Taoseñosha­ve gravitated­toward “Soon after dropping out of San Diego State, I got my first job in sales at Pacific Stereo in Berkeley, California,” she said. gotmy Once again, voters have chosen Taos Lifestyle the Best Place to Buy a Mattress. Mattress Mary’s Mountain Lifestyle also took first place for Best Home Furnishing­s with her Taos Lifestyle store placing second. Best of Taos aMattress MattressMa­ry’sMountain Over the following years she worked in sales for food brokers, tobacco companies and distilled spirits companies. She realizes that, “Being in sales is akin to acting in the sense you are giving a performanc­e when working with a customer. I don’t want to imply that selling performanc­es are fake, using my performanc­e and communicat­ion and listening skills to help customers is a fun and positive way make a good buying decision. The definition of selling as I understand, is to provide the customer with all the correct informatio­n so they can make a good buying decision.” Domito began her journey in sales decades ago. After moving to Taos she aligned her passion for helping people with sales into her ultimate role as Mattress Mary. “What I enjoy most about mattress sales is using all my communicat­ion and sales skills. I have an inherent desire to help people make a very important decision in their lives that affects their comfort and wellness.” p. 30 BEST OF TAOS 2019 28

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