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Then her career got rolling in 1995 She is unquestion­ably a public face in these parts. Domito continues to use old-school billboard advertisin­g around town to market her brand. “I want you to think of me and remember me for your mattress and home furnishing­s needs. Sometimes old school is the best school,” she said. when she went to work selling mattresses in the San Francisco Bay Area. Domito’s brand was born. The first time “Mattress Mary” was uttered was when her “best girlfriend­s” heard of her new job and jokingly started calling her Mattress Mary. The more Domito thought about it she realized, “It’s a provocativ­e euphemism, if you’re of a certain age.” From then on it just stuck. Shoppers can expect her new store, Mattress Mary’s Mountain Lifestyle, to be the local source for lodge-type furniture from rustic to refined ranch with reasonable price points to the high-end beauty of Simply Amish, which features a large variety of styles in many types of wood and finishes customers can customize. Taos Lifestyle 710 PASEO DEL PUEBLO SUR, TAOS OPEN MONDAY-FRIDAY A.M.-6 P.M.; SATURDAY A.M.-5 P.M.; AND SUNDAY A.M.-4 P.M. (575) 758-5885 THE PULL OF TAOS Besides Taos Lifestyle and Mattress Mary’s Mountain Lifestyle, her empire includes Alamosa Home in Colorado and she’s a partner in Sleep & Dream in Santa Fe. TAOSLIFEST­YLE.COM Domito’s first trip to Taos was in 2002. After one visit I was hooked, and I spent the next two years trying to figure out how to move to Taos. I had to live in Taos. The pull was that strong. It just so happened that what I thought Taos needed was what I knew, a quality mattress store. So I sold my house in the Bay Area and got an SBA loan, and put everything I owned in the world on the line to start my business. I opened Sleep Sanctuary July 17, 2004, but who’s counting.” Mattress Mary’s Mountain Lifestyle A busy staff of 15 work across the four stores. She is proud of their performanc­e and the growth of her businesses. “I want to throw a lot of love and deserving attention to my entire staff. They deliver the customer service and experience that helps bring us the award every year. Fifteen years ago I had one full-time employee. Now I have a total of 15. It’s hard to believe sometimes. People say how do you do it? Well the answer is, we all do it!” 815 PASEO DEL PUEBLO SUR, TAOS OPEN MONDAY-FRIDAY A.M.-6 P.M.; SATURDAY A.M.-5 P.M.; AND SUNDAY A.M.-5 P.M. (575) 758-7730 Best of Taos MATTRESSMA­RY.COM She maintains her time in Taos “have been the best years of my life. I cannot articulate what Taos means. It has given me permission to have fun and be the best person I can be. It is as though we all live in a big high school here. So many beautiful people connecting with one another in a way you don’t see other places.” Even though Domito is immersed in her businesses, she’s not the proverbial workaholic. She devotes much of her free time to music. “At this time of my life I have my bucket list of concerts I enjoy going to.” EXPANSION Another pleasure for Mattress Mary is “taking beautiful drives with my husband, artist Mark Gould, and our two rescues (dogs) Maggie and Mooch.” Always the savvy decision maker, Domito took possession of Graystone Furniture in December 2018, based on “Simple business survival. It was me or a competitor. And I preferred the former.” Being an animal lover, 10 years ago Domito created and still spearheads the Dog Days summer concert event to benefit Stray Hearts Animal Shelter. She chose the store’s new name because, “Mattress Mary is the brand. Although we were Taos Lifestyle, people would still say, ‘Go see Mattress Mary.’ So after all these years, it feels like it’s time to call us Mattress Mary’s Mountain Lifestyle, this describes the focus of our new store.” In the future she sees herself continuing to being a Taos fixture with her adventurou­s spirit intact. “I’ll still be running the businesses. I can say I am done opening stores. In five to ten years I hope to be traveling. There are so many places I’d like to go.” MARY DOMITO OPENED HER FOURTH STORE, NAMED MATTRESS MARY'S MOUNTAIN LIFESTYLE, EARLIER THIS YEAR. A GRAND OPENING CELEBRATIO­N WAS HELD MAY 4 AND HAS ALREADY WON FIRST PLACE FOR BEST HOME FURNISHING­S. BEST OF TAOS 2019 30

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