The Taos News - Best of Taos 2020 : 2019-06-13

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FEATURES 54 40 28 18 Walking through a time warp Sweet dreams A secular bond between us all Beyond the bones, behind the business MARY DOMITO ISN’T CALLED MATTRESS MARY FOR NOTHING ARROYO SECO MERCANTILE REVIVES THE VINTAGE GENERAL STORE BLUE SKY PET AND FEED, ONE OF ‘THE LITTLE PLACES’ THE PUEBLO’S CHRISTMAS EVE PROCESSION IS TAOS COUNTY TRUE BYSCOTTGER­DES BYTAMRATES­TERMAN BYVIRGINIA­L.CLARK BYDAWNFRAN­CO WE ASKED, YOU ANSWERED taos news Staff: Robin Martin, owner Chris Baker, publisher Scott Gerdes, special sections editor Karin Eberhardt, creative director Staci Matlock, managing editor Chris Wood, advertisin­g director Sean Ratliff, production manager Amy Boaz, chief copy editor Morgan Timms, photograph­er Contributi­ng writers: Virginia L. Clark, Dawn Franco, Tamra Testerman Contributi­ng photograph­er: Debbie Lujan 16 26 42 58 what’s the hot issue in taos? you know you’re in taos when…? what industry would you like to see in taos? what’s another word for taos? BEST OF TAOS RESULTS 6 20 32 44 best food & drink best entertainm­ent/things to do best shopping best services Cover design: Sean Ratliff BEST OF TAOS 2019 4

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