The Taos News - Best of Taos 2020 : 2019-06-13

SERVICES : 54 : 54


Beyond the bones, behind the business Blue Sky Pet and Feed, one of ‘the little places’ By Dawn Franco / Photos by Morgan Timms BLUE SKY PET AND FEED SUPPLY OWNER ANN ROMERO CRADLES A CHICK. THE BUSINESS HAS GROWN ITS CUSTOMER BASE SINCE OPENING DECEMBER 2011. 'WE HAVE REGULARS AND WE GET NEW CUSTOMERS DAILY,' SAID ROMERO. 'MOSTLY, I APPRECIATE THE PEOPLE THAT COME IN HERE AND SHOP WITH US, AND KEEP US GOING AND LIKE TO SHOP AT THE LITTLE PLACES.' It isn't just a great inventory of food and supplies for our domesticat­ed pets that can be found at Blue Sky Pet and Feed Supply. During the spring, baby chicks are available. BEST OF TAOS 2019 54

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