The Taos News - Best of Taos 2020 : 2019-06-13

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ONE OF THE FOUR CATS THAT CALL BLUE SKY PET & FEED SUPPLY HOME PICKS A GOOD SPOT FOR HUMAN-WATCHING. For the fourth year in a row, Blue Sky Pet and Feed Supply has won Best of Taos for Best Place to Buy Pet Supplies. “Specific questions we should ask our customers: HOW OLD IS THEIR PET? WHAT KIND OF PET? ARE THEY YOUNG? ARE THEY ACTIVE? DO THEY HAVE ANY SPECIAL DIETARY NEEDS? That way, we can direct them to something product wise,” said Romero. “We try to have something for everybody.” “I like to shop here because of the wonderful variety of puppy and dog foods, and toys, chews, and very high level of knowledge of the staff,” said customer Lisa Goffman. “Since our puppy has been a little baby the staff has helped us out a lot making safe and healthy choices for him,” Goffman added. “The staff was super helpful for picking out age-appropriat­e toys and chews and things that would not harm him that he could really enjoy.” Bento, Goffman’s four-legged companion, has been frequentin­g the shop since he was 8 weeks old. The Australian shepherd is just one of many furry customers one can encounter in the shop. The shop also has four cats that live permanentl­y in the south office and roam the store on the weekend. Blue Sky also frequently works with Stray Hearts Animal Shelter hosting kittens available for adoption and adopt-a-thons. Like many businesses, Blue Sky has had its obstacles and highlights. The most difficult thing for Romero was finding good employees who could approach clients with the right personalit­y for discussing pet needs. As for the highlights, Romero humorously suggested winning and more seriously suggested the support of the community. Best of Taos Blue Sky Pet and Feed Supply “We keep growing every year and people still keep coming here,” said Romero. “We have regulars and we get new customers daily. Mostly, I appreciate the people that come in here and shop with us, and keep us going and like to shop at the little places.” 214 PASEO DEL PUEBLO SUR, TAOS OPEN MONDAY-FRIDAY, 9 A.M.-5:30 P.M.; AND SATURDAY A.M.-4 P.M. BLUESKYPET@YAHOO.COM BEST OF TAOS 2019 56

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