The Taos News - Best of Taos 2020 : 2020-06-11

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We asked, you answered WHAT’S THE HOT ISSUE IN TAOS COUNTY? Plague! No surprise here. THE number one issue is the coronaviru­s and COVID-19 pandemic. Reopening Taos County (much less the rest of the world), is actually causing more concern than the lockdown orders of March 11. As we go to press, saving human lives trumps saving the economy. Taos conservati­ves and progressiv­es are united over this hot button issue – though a universal basic income is being reconsider­ed by some to get us back on some kind of postpandem­ic economic track. came in as the second hottest issue, stressing the “Water is life/ Agua es vida” emphasis of Native and acequia traditions here. Though Best of Taos voting ended April 12, and the two recent town of Taos water outages April 22 and May 7 had not yet happened, locals’ concerns and values about life-giving waters in Taos Valley were clearly expressed in Best of Taos ballots. Third hot button issue? year – potholes and roads. Water Potholes. Yup – always high on the list every 16 BEST OF TAOS 2020 TAOSNEWS.COM/BEST-OF-TAOS

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