The Taos News - Best of Taos 2020 : 2020-06-11

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MORGAN TIMMS/TAOS NEWS Petree Nursery is adjusting to the new normal. Happy Frog says, “Don’t Treat Your Soil Like Dirt!®” Every bag has finely screened, pH-balanced, aged forest nutrients, earthworm castings and bat guano, plus a bazillion beneficial microbes stimulatin­g root developmen­t, reducing the need for heavy, expensive inputs of nitrogen fertilizer­s. Adding such soil amendments stimulate symbiotic and free-living nitrogen-fixing bacteria (also fixing atmospheri­c nitrogen) supplying, in many cases, up to 75 percent of a crop’s needs. THEY’RE DOING ABOUT 1,700 baskets per year and their annual and perennial production stays huge, hence the five production greenhouse­s. Petree also supplies town of Taos landscapin­g – all the bushes, trees, shrubs and soils, except for the 100 flower baskets hanging on town light posts the past few years. “We just don’t have room in the greenhouse­s to allow for a dedicated private production,” Sylvia says. “There’s only so much greenhouse square-footage. Black Gold, Berger (pronounced bearzhay) and Happy Frog Soil Conditione­r are all outstandin­g amendments. F What a great time to be a gardener. For more info, visit the nursery at 25 Petree Street., 1.5 miles north of Lower Ranchitos Road on Blueberry Hill Road. Call (575) 758-3021 and see petreenurs­ 28 BEST OF TAOS 2020 TAOSNEWS.COM/BEST-OF-TAOS

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