The Taos News - Best of Taos 2020 : 2020-06-11

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We asked, you answered WHAT INDUSTRY WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE IN TAOS? “None!” was third on the list, with some folks aiming to keep Taos rural. Tied for first place, was (huh?) and (understand­ably). Huge runner-up was the return of recycling (presumably the glass and plastics variety), followed by tech (like Silicon Valley one wonders?); then manufactur­ing; then by solar; and, finally, by Trader Joe’s (!) and a Super Walmart (!!). Reimaginin­g postpandem­ic Taos was barely 30 days old by the time Best of Taos balloting closed. Most people were navigating stay-athome, and many 24/7 with kids, too, much less trying to imagine a new Taos or even one that would exist in 2021. Target film So hear! hear! to all the imaginativ­e voters opting for more jobs and shopping choices in Taos, like the NFL commercial says: “Tough times don’t last, tough people do.” 38 BEST OF TAOS 2020 TAOSNEWS.COM/BEST-OF-TAOS

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