The Times Herald (Norristown, PA)

Russia confirms it won’t appeal Olympic team restrictio­ns


MOSCOW » The Russian anti-doping agency confirmed Monday that it will not file an appeal to further loosen restrictio­ns on its teams at the Olympics and other major sporting events.

The Court of Arbitratio­n for Sport last month ruled that Russia’s name, flag and anthem would be barred from the next two Olympics after backing the World Anti-Doping Agency’s finding that doping data was manipulate­d.

However, CAS halved the duration of the sanctions from four years to two, removed vetting requiremen­ts for Russian athletes and allowed them to keep wearing national colors. The Russian agency had the option to file an appeal with the Swiss supreme court on procedural grounds. It said Monday that it still regards the ruling that doping data in Moscow was modified as “flawed and one-sided” but was satisfied that CAS rejected tougher sanctions proposed by WADA.

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