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Fantasy existence


Editor: It is extremely important before Presidente­lect Donald Trump takes office that the American people understand that he lives in his own personal reality and fantasy world.

His casual insults of others is explained by psychologi­cal projection. He habitually faults other people, frequently those who tell the truth about him. He appears to hate the truth about himself and claims that his problems are really theirs.

When comedian Rosie O’Donnell called him “a snake oil salesman,” he insulted her sexuality, for instance.

He does not like women, which is proved by his admission to victimizin­g numerous women as if they were not human and had no feelings. When Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg accurately described him as “a faker,” he insulted her by saying, “Her mind is gone.” She still sits on the U.S. Supreme Court and her mind could run circles around his.

His proposed administra­tion is a backward-looking dinosaur of nationalis­m, protection­ism and isolationi­sm that American history has shown repeatedly leads to economic problems, untold suffering and war. There will be no winners from this.

When union leader Chuck Jones recently corrected Mr. Trump’s false statement about the number of jobs saved at Carrier Corp.’s operations in Indiana, he blamed Mr. Jones for jobs leaving this country. It is more likely that Mr. Trump and the politician­s he has bought over the decades are the ones most to blame for the millions of good-paying factory jobs leaving America. I want to see a list of all the politician­s to whom he has made campaign contributi­ons as he proposes to oversee a nation with a Congress he possibly already has bought.

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