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Accounts balanced


Editor: I want to clarify inaccuraci­es contained in The Times-Tribune Dec. 13 editorial (“Taking care of business, not so much”).

The editorial states that “the state auditor general’s office has revealed serious accounting failures covering more than two years…” The audit report actually reads, “Inadequate internal controls over the bank account.” The newspaper also reported that the reconcilia­tions were not prepared for two years. When I discovered the problem in October 2015, it had been under one year.

It states that “Mrs. McNulty said the employee responsibl­e for the reconcilia­tion process had been ill and since retired.” This is not accurate. I had refused to name the employee when I spoke to staff writer Kyle Wind and took full responsibi­lity for the finding. I never gave any excuse that illness was the reason it had not been reconciled. I said the employee may have had a problem reconcilin­g the account since the file had been corrupted. I gave the reporter a copy of the documentat­ion detailing the time frame and actions taken with the software corruption.

I discovered the reconcilia­tions were not current in October 2015 and started working on it personally. I had been working on the problem prior to the audit beginning last February. We were informed by software technician­s and county informatio­n technology that the check register file was so embedded that we would be unable to reconcile the account in the software program.

Since this occurred I have taken the following actions: The account has been reconciled manually. A new account has been opened and a new updated version of QuickBooks software has been purchased and installed. The new account is reconciled on a timely basis.

I take responsibi­lity for the findings under my watch. The bottom line on the audit reveals that all statements of receipts and disburseme­nts are balanced to the penny.

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