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Return to trouble


Editor: I was out of town for several months and when I got back, I realized things really haven’t changed.

The Sunday Times on Nov. 13 reported that the Scranton School District will be $17 million to $24 million in debt despite having borrowed $40 million last year. More alarming is that Cy Douaihy, vice president of the school board, said he can’t understand how the district got in such a financiall­y distressed situation. Is he kidding?

The people of Scranton deserve the likes of the current school board and people like Mayor Bill Courtright. Many Scrantonia­ns don’t vote and those who do continue to support the same old incompeten­ts.

I may have been away for several months but things just don’t change. The people of Scranton will get their tax bills next year and complain but again, they won’t vote. Scrantonia­ns deserve what they get — more incompeten­ts.

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