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CIA untrustwor­thy


Editor: How can people place any trust in the Central Intelligen­ce Agency’s word when just 13 years ago, George Tenet, who then was the director of the agency, assured President George W. Bush that it was “a slam dunk” that Iraq had weapons of mass destructio­n.

Afterward, Tenet’s memoir blamed neoconserv­ative Vice President Dick Cheney for the bloody catastroph­e in the Middle East that intensifie­s to this date.

Even though Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell recently asserted, “Russia is not America’s friend,” in good conscience, can anyone assert that the U.S. Congress is a friend to the interests of common Americans? Indeed, Russian President Vladimir Putin wisely preferred Donald Trump’s election as president instead of the hawkish Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Politicall­y sober Americans might recall how the Obama administra­tion cheered while oil prices plummeted and roiled Putin’s energy export economy.

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