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Dunmore’s senior guard scored 53 points in three wins, helping her team to wins over Scranton, West Scranton and Wallenpaup­ack, all teams ranked in The Times-Tribune Top 10 Girls Basketball Poll.

Age: 17 Family: Father, Dave; mother, Jen; sister, Paige Sports teams you follow? Mostly I just follow players. I like watching Steph Curry, Kyrie Irving and Russell Westbrook. And on the girls side I like watching (University of Washington’s) Kelsey Plumb and obviously, I grew up watching Elena Delle Donne.

You come from a family of coaches, your aunt coached Elena at Delaware and your dad was very successful at Misericord­ia. Sometimes it’s tough because they always know what they are talking about and they’re going to push me to be the best that I can. It can be tough because they are family but they are also coaches, so they’re kind of playing two roles. But they taught me to play the right way when I was very little, so that helped a lot.

Most famous person in your cellphone: (Former Dunmore star) Lauren Carra. I used to not be able to tell people that I had her number. She was my babysitter so I had her number, but everyone loved her because she was the best player. I had her number when I was little.

What did you learn from your babysitter, who also happens to be the No. 2 scorer alltime at Dunmore High School? She’s very competitiv­e. I guess I learned to be competitiv­e because when we wound up playing the Wii or something, she wouldn’t let me go to sleep until she beat me if I beat her. And we would always play basketball outside and she wouldn’t take it easy on me.

Any pregame rituals or superstiti­ons? I only have one. I’m not really superstiti­ous, but freshman year we get a red and blue scarf and I have to wear that to every game. Just as long as I wear it on the bus, it’s fine.

Three people you’d like to have dinner with. My grandfathe­r Art Gregory, the cast of “Friends,” and my team. It would be three separate dinners.

Your team always gets together for dinners prior to big games. Other than your mom’s cooking, what’s the one food you most looked forward to at those gatherings? Kayleigh Semion’s mom used to make her own vodka sauce, and we used to want to go to her house because of that. That was like the special house. That was always the Lynett Tournament dinner house.

What’s the funniest thing that’s ever happened at practice? I think it was my sophomore year, we were practicing at the Dunmore Community Center and we were running a play and a sock fell out of Jill Korgeski’s shorts. I guess it was static-y and it was attached to her shorts. She starts running and all of a sudden a random sock fell out. We all thought that was the funniest thing because it was in a really serious moment.

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