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Public interest loses


Editor: In August, state Rep. Marty Flynn phoned to wish me a happy birthday. He soon regretted it.

I said I would not vote for him because he refused to stand up to Dunmore businessma­n Louis DeNaples. He had described the local landfill as a “state of the art” facility. When I mentioned the leachate problem, he became incoherent.

He said that I know Keystone will only be granted a 10-year expansion. I don’t know that. Neither does he.

The Keystone Sanitary Landfill is actually a tri-state dump. We are left with leachate, but most of the garbage deposited there comes from New Jersey and New York.

Money seems more important than the surroundin­g community to DeNaples. He often mentions “my family’s business” as though it should be a priority for the region.

Mr. DeNaples is so accustomed to getting his way, he can’t see the incongruit­y of his position. At the July public hearing on Keystone’s proposed expansion, there was one statement in expansion’s favor; 41 supported the stance of Friends of Lackawawan­na — that the landfill is not sustainabl­e.

Colleen Connolly, community relations coordinato­r for the Pennsylvan­ia Department of Environmen­tal Protection, has tried to be “evenhanded.” But if it’s all about community, this is a nobrainer. Are Mr. DeNaples’ private interests more important than the public interest? RICHARD J. YOST


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