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Ai­dan Drouse had two indi- vid­ual wins, in­clud­ing set­ting a pool record in the 200 freestyle, to lead Scran­ton to a 13243 win over West Scran­ton in a Lack­awanna League boys swim­ming meet Mon­day.

Drouse topped the mark set by Chris McCall of Bishop Hoban by more than three sec­onds.

Michael Bruno fin­ished first in div­ing for West Scran­ton.

200 Med­ley Re­lay: Scran­ton 2:01.46, West Scran­ton. 200 Free: Ai­dan Drouse (SCR) 1:46.57 (pool record), Nor­ton (SCR), Mushak (WS). 200 IM: Justin Grier (SCR) 2:34.54, Cleve­land (SCR), Gow­erty (WS). 50 Free: Alex Schae­fer (SCR) 23.24, Niemiec (WS), N. Drouse (SCR). Div­ing: Michael Bruno (WS) 225.95, Carachilo (SCR). 100 Fly: Ai­dan Drouse (SCR) 54.94, Mun­dia (SCR), Gow­erty (WS). 100 Free: Alex Schae­fer (SCR) 51.58, Ar­dan (SCR), Cleve­land (SCR). 500 Free: Char­lie Prothero (SCR) 7:34.34, Mushak (WS), Woz­niak (SCR). 200 Free Re­lay: Scran­ton (Schae­fer, Ar­dan, N. Drouse, A. Drouse) 1:34.76, Scran­ton, West Scran­ton. 100 Back: Ja­son Ar­dan (SCR) 1:07.66, Fin­nerty (SCR), Bruno (WS). 100 Breast: Nick Drouse (SCR) 1:13.28, Pitts (SCR), Grier (SCR). 400 Free Re­lay: Scran­ton (Schae­fer, Cleve­land, N. Drouse, A. Drouse), Scran­ton, West Scran­ton.

Records: SCR 1-0, WS 0-2.

Abing­ton Heights 141

Wal­len­pau­pack 39 At Mary­wood, Ben Vale and Chris Suh each had two in­di­vid­ual wins and were part of two win­nings re­lays to lead Abing­ton Heights.

200 Med­ley Re­lay: Abing­ton Heights (Wei­land, Ocwieja, Przekop, Cum­mings) 1:52.4, Wal­len­pau­pack, Abing­ton Heights. 200 Free: Ben Vale (AH) 2:03.38, Frantz (AH), Sands (WAL). 200 IM: Chris Suh (AH) 2:20.28, Wei­land (AH), Romeo (WAL). 50 Free: Jarred Ocwieja (AH) 24.51, Cum­mings (AH), Wasko (AH). Div­ing: Carter Smith (AH) 168.75, Me­d­ina (AH). 100 Fly: Ben Vale (AH) 1:01.26, Przekop (AH), Kara­bin (AH). 100 Free: Chris Suh (AH) 55.34, Wasko (AH), Kelle­her (AH). 500 Free: John Frantz (AH) 5:51.88, Przekop (AH), Gra­ham (AH). 200 Free Re­lay: Abing­ton Heights (Ocwieja, Suh, Cum­mings, Vale) 1:40.42, Abing­ton Heights, Wal­len­pau­pack. 100 Back: D.J. Wei­land (AH) 1:03.84, Kara­bin (AH), Gra­ham (AH). 100 Breast: Shane Cum­mings (AH) 1:16.31, Ocwieja (AH), Waszak (WAL). 400 Free Re­lay: Abing­ton Heights (Suh, Wei­land, Frantz, Vale) 3:45.21, Abing­ton Heights, Wal­len­pau­pack.

Records: AH 2-0, WAL 1-1.

Delaware Val­ley 137

Val­ley View 27 At Delaware Val­ley, Sean Deignan and Liam Nat­u­rale each had two in­di­vid­ual wins and were part of a win­ning re­lay to lead the War­riors.

200 Med­ley Re­lay: Delaware Val­ley (Stu­art, Nat­u­rale, Stevens, Bara­nowski) 1:52.25, Delaware Val­ley, Val­ley View. 200 Free: Sean Deignan (DV) 2:00.45, Man­ning (DV), Loomis (DV). 200 IM: Liam Nat­u­rale (DV) 2:15.1, Babarsky (VV), Krem­sner (DV). 50 Free: Luke Stevens (DV) 24.73, Oca­sio (DV), Lan­gel (VV). Div­ing: Jeremy Burns (DV) 174.05. 100 Fly: Marc Mireau (DV) 1:05.11, Ric­cio (DV), Fetcho (VV). 100 Free: Damian Bara­nowski (DV) 53.61, Neuge­bauer (DV), Wal­ter (DV). 500 Free: Liam Stu­art (DV) 6:05.17, Mo­ran (DV), Mrozin­ski (DV). 200 Free Re­lay: Delaware Val­ley (Oca­sio, Mireau, Neuge­bauer, Man­ning) 1:44.16, Delaware Val­ley, Delaware Val­ley. 100 Back: Sean Deignan (DV) 1:02.46, Babarsky (VV), Etzkorn (DV) . 100 Breast: Liam Nat­u­rale (DV) 1:05.62, Lan­gel (VV), Tor­res (DV). 400 Free Re­lay: Delaware Val­ley (Deignan, Stu­art, Stevens, Neuge­bauer) 3:45.4, Delaware Val­ley, Val­ley View.

Records: DV 2-0, VV 0-2.

Girls swim­ming

Claire Brier, Katie Naughton and El­iz­a­beth Yatko each had two in­di­vid­ual wins to lead Scran­ton to a 117-43 win over West Scran­ton in a Lack­awanna League meet.

200 Med­ley Re­lay: Scran­ton 2:23.44, West Scran­ton. 200 Free: Claire Brier (SCR) 2:10.24, Ar­genta (WS), Ed­wards (SCR). 200 IM: Shayla O’Hearn (SCR) 2:41.47, Eck­en­rode (SCR). 50 Free: Katie Naughton (SCR) 28.41, Ed­wards (SCR). Div­ing: Brit­tany Koch (SCR) 91.6, Grippi (SCR). 100 Fly: El­iz­a­beth Yatko (SCR) 1:12.47, Man­gan (WS), Eck­en­rode (SCR). 100 Free: Katie Naughton (SCR), Schae­fer (SCR), Frable (SCR) . 500 Free: El­iz­a­beth Yatko (SCR) 6:40.78, My­ers (WS), Bradley (WS). 200 Free Re­lay: Scran­ton (Yatko, Brier, O’Hearn, Naughton) 1:55.69, West Scran­ton, Scran­ton. 100 Back: Claire Brier (SCR) 1:42.1, O’Hearn (SCR), Schaf­fer (SCR). 100 Breast: Sa­man­tha Frable (SCR) 1:38.7, Egan (WS). 400 Free Re­lay: Scran­ton (Brier, Eck­en­rode, O’Hearn, Naughton) 4:17.23, West Scran­ton, Scran­ton.

Records: SCR 2-0, WS 0-2.

Wal­len­pau­pack 116 Abing­ton Heights 66 At Mary­wood, Kara and Cailin Camp­bell each had two in­di­vid­ual wins and were part of two win­ning re­lays to lead Wal­len­pau­pack.

Sarah Bath and Syd­ney Dana had wins for Abing­ton Heights

200 Med­ley Re­lay: Wal­len­pau­pack (C. Camp­bell, Har­muth, Sarro, Car­fora) 2:10.44, Abing­ton Heights, Wal­len­pau­pack. 200 Free: Kara Camp­bell (WAL) 2:06.35, By­man (AH), Whit­man (WAL). 200 IM: Sarah Bath (AH) 2:40.72, Har­muth (WAL), Den­nis­ton (WAL). 50 Free: Shan­non Sarro (WAL) 28.62, Kryzan (WAL), Feather (AH). Div­ing: Syd­ney Dana (AH) 198.05, Heine (AH), Mar­quardt (AH). 100 Fly: Kara Camp­bell (AH) 1:04.31, By­man (AH), Whit­man (WAL). 100 Free: Tay­lor Kryzan (WAL) 1:05.63, Sarro (WAL), Jack­son (AH). 500 Free: Cailin Camp­bell (WAL) 5:45.26, Bath (AH), Ja­cobs (WAL). 200 Free Re­lay: Wal­len­pau­pack (Kryzan, Sarro, Whit­man, K. Camp­bell) 1:54.86, Abing­ton Heights, Wal­len­pau­pack. 100 Back: Cailin Camp­bell (WAL) 1:10.6, Don­a­hoe (AH), Sch­mal­zle (WAL). 100 Breast: Mary Har­muth (WAL) 1:23.26, Den­nis­ton (WAL), Wilk­er­son (AH). 400 Free Re­lay: Wal­len­pau­pack (K. Camp­bell, Whit­man, Kryzan, C. Camp­bell) 4:11.89, Abing­ton Heights, Wal­len­pau­pack.

Records: WAL 2-0, AH 0-2.

Delaware Val­ley 128

Val­ley View 13 At Delaware Val­ley, De­nali Hutzel­mann won two in­di­vid­ual events and was part of two win­ning re­lays to lead the Lady War­riors.

Emma Boyle fin­ished first in the 200 IM for Val­ley View.

200 Med­ley Re­lay: Delaware Val­ley (Hutzel­mann, DeBlock, Deignan, Lee) 2:01.28, Delaware Val­ley, Delaware Val­ley. 200 Free: De­nali Hutzel­mann (DV) 2:10.38, Loihle (DV), Jones (VV). 200 IM: Emma Boyle (VV) 2:29.95, Sodora (DV), Bogert (DV). 50 Free: Esther Lee (DV) 26.71, Bara­nowski (DV), Ris­taino (DV). Div­ing: Emma Burns (DV) 204.1. 100 Fly: De­nali Hut­zle­mann (DV) 1:04.39, Boyle (VV), Toomer (DV). 100 Free: Karolina Bara­nowski (DV) 59.5, Moffa (DV), MacDavitt (VV). 500 Free: Andi Loihle (DV) 6:13.22, Sodora (DV), Jones (VV). 200 Free Re­lay: Delaware Val­ley (Deignan, Moffa, Sodora, Bara­nowski) 1:54.91, Val­ley View, Delaware Val­ley. 100 Back: Shan­non Deignan (DV) 1:07.27, Grath­wohl (DV), Lieb­son (DV). 100 Breast: Au­tumn DeBlock (DV) 1:19.73, Bogert (DV), Duffy (VV). 400 Free Re­lay: Delaware Val­ley (Hutzel­mann, Lee, Loihle, Deignan) 4:15.53, Val­ley View, Delaware Val­ley.

Records: DV 2-0, VV 0-2.


Scran­ton’s Ai­dan Drouse re­acts af­ter win­ning the 200-me­ter freestyle in a pool-record 1 minute, 46.67 sec­onds against West Scran­ton on Mon­day.

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