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Drums native Kira Krakovesky builds fanbase with voice, social media

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Kira Krakovesky’s Instagram profile keeps it simple: “I sing and play with hair.” Those two hobbies leave her busy.

The Drums native spends time in New York City and Northeast Pennsylvan­ia, styling and coloring hair, modeling and singing at different venues. As part of the duo Kira + Brooke with Brooke Gerhart, she performs locally at places such as the bars inside Mohegan Sun Pocono.

She belts out the vocals on covers of “What’s Up,” “Creep” and “Sweet Child O’ Mine,” and she and Mr. Gerhart even earned a slot opening for Foreigner at the Pavilion on Montage Mountain a few years ago. Ms. Krakovesky recently took time out of her schedule to go On the Record about her music career. Q: How did you get involved in music? A: I got involved in music from a young age. I always really enjoyed singing and entertaini­ng people. I eventually picked up piano and took lessons, and it just inspired me to be able to accompany myself and write. Q: What do you remember about the first time you performed in public? A: I was about 12. It made me feel alive and like I could really express myself. Q: How have you changed as a musician over the years? A: I changed throughout the years in the sense of what genres I enjoy and the different directions I’ve chosen to follow career-wise as a musician. Q: How did you end up teaming with Brooke? A: Brooke and I have been friends for nearly 10 years . ... Music actually brought us together back in the days of Myspace, and from there we’ve played shows together on and off in our own separate musical endeavors. We’ve remained friends throughout the years and just ended up doing acoustic duo stuff within the past year. We work so well together because we are musically compatible (and) flow harmonious­ly together while also adding our individual­ity and just simply have fun playing. Our personalit­ies mesh so well together that music just becomes an extension of that. Q: Who has influenced you over the years? A: I’ve had a lot of huge influences over my life. ... I grew up with a lot of classic rock. I would have to say Stevie Nicks has played a huge role in inspiring me, not just as a writer but also having stamina and holding her own as an independen­t female artist in this industry. Q: How have you developed a fan base over the years? A: Social media. I think social media has been a great influence in connecting with people and just reaching out or keeping them involved in different events. Q: What is the most challengin­g part of being a musician? A: The most challengin­g part of being a musician is keeping your head up and keeping your passion strong throughout the downfalls and flaws of what the music industry has become. Everyone has an opinion, and everyone is constantly trying to change you. I would have to say the biggest challenge is staying true to yourself.

 ?? SPECIAL TO WEEKEND TIMES ?? Kira Krakovesky, left, performs as part of Kira + Brooke with Brooke Gerhart. The duo often perform at Mohegan Sun Pocono.
SPECIAL TO WEEKEND TIMES Kira Krakovesky, left, performs as part of Kira + Brooke with Brooke Gerhart. The duo often perform at Mohegan Sun Pocono.

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