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Disaster recipe


Editor: On Jan. 20 Donald Trump will be sworn in as our nation’s 45th president and he will become the most unfit person to ever become commander in chief.

If that’s not scary enough, we already know that he has refused to take the daily intelligen­ce briefings. He says he doesn’t need them because he is a smart guy.

This kind of arrogance is nothing new for Trump. During the campaign he said that he knows more than the generals. When you have a president who is as clueless as Mr. Trump, who foolishly believes he knows more than everyone else, this is a recipe for disaster.

Keeping our nation safe is one of the president’s most important jobs. Our nation’s intelligen­ce profession­als do a great job gathering intelligen­ce informatio­n to present to the president so that he can make informed decisions concerning our l security.

Mr. Trump has shown that he has no respect for our intelligen­ce community. When presented with informatio­n that Russia was involved with trying to influence our presidenti­al election, he brushed it aside and took the side of our adversary, Russia. Again, this is no surprise because in the past he has shown more respect for Russian President Vladimir Putin than he has for President Obama. BEN EGLESIA DICKSON CITY

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