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Partisansh­ip first


Editor: The positive result of the 2016 election is that the 15 congressme­n and senators that met the night of President Obama’s inaugurati­on to thwart his agenda now must get off their obstructio­nist derrieres and go to work. Republican­s in Congress violated their oath of office by attempting to stop a black man they hated from being a successful president. Thank goodness they did not succeed.

Their first failure was not to stop Mr. Obama from executing the slow but successful global recovery from the financial crash that the administra­tion of President George W. Bush helped bring. By the end of Obama’s presidency his actions, such as the bailout of the auto industry, have generated more jobs in the United States than the total number created in all European countries combined during the same period. Republican­s have put partisansh­ip before country.

Mr. Obama eliminated America’s No. 1 enemy after the 9/11 attacks. He formed coalitions with Middle Eastern countries allowing us to keep our troops out of combat, but to train Iraqi troops. I believe most Americans agree that we have spilled enough American blood in wars without connection to our national defense.

Another success includes actions he took to stem the dire results of man-made contaminat­ion of our environmen­t. He brought China to the table and more than 100 countries are partners in reducing ill effects of climate change.

One glimmer of hope is that many American corporatio­ns realize that this is a national security threat and they are acting to stem the effects of climate change.

We will keep America great through the next four years if the majority of voters who did not want Donald Trump as president keep a watchful eye on his administra­tion for actions that are bad for America and protest these actions. PHYLLIS C. REINHARDT SCRANTON

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