Women’s brains act younger than men’s


When it comes to the battle of the brains, ladies rule.

A new study re­veals that fe­male brains, on av­er­age, act nearly four years younger than their chrono­log­i­cal age, while men’s brains act more than two years older.

The study, in Pro­ceed­ings of the Na­tional Academy of Sciences, used positron emis­sion to­mog­ra­phy scans to mea­sure the flow of glu­cose and oxy­gen in sub­jects’ brains. The brain needs su­gar as fuel. How it me­tab­o­lizes glu­cose in­di­cates a great deal about its meta­bolic age.

Sci­en­tists hope to learn if brain meta­bolic dif­fer­ences play a pro­tec­tive role for women, who tend to score higher on prob­lem-solv­ing and cog­ni­tive tests for rea­son and mem­ory.

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