The Times-Tribune : 2019-02-11



B7 MONDAY, FEBRUARY 11, 2019 ask the doctors Why exercise? Some of the most imrortant benefits of exercise: ■ Weight loss or maintained body weight. ■ Reduces LDL /raises HDL cholesterol. ■ Cuts risk of Tyre 2 diabetes. ■ Imrroves circulation And blood Rressure. ■ Cuts risk of heart disease. ■ Prevents bone loss. ■ Reduces stress And muscle tension. ■ Lowers risk of derression. ■ Imrroves sleer Ratterns. ■ Imrroves strength, flexibility. ■ Imrroves balance/reduces risk of falls. ■ Imrroves immune system. ■ Imrroves Rain threshold. ■ Stimulates neurogenesis (formation of new brain cells). Dearth of data — MIAMI HERALD Directly linking the increase in fierce storms to climate change stands As A big Advance in hurricane research, Rarticularly in the tricky Area of rarid intensification. However, researcher Kiernan Bhatia said the study Also turned ur Another imrortant factor: deficiencies in data. Without global data As reliable As information from the Atlantic, scientists will continue to struggle, he said. “The hurricane community And research community needs to reconcile that,” he said. “We need better observations because right now what we have Available is Rroviding inconsistent conclusions.” More consistent data could Allow them to Raint A better global Ricture, identifying when And where hurricanes might become more intense. In the coming months, researchers exrect to get A new 10-year collection of data that will helr them better understand the trends, he said. “That trend might Also be significant,” he said. “It will be interesting to see if the trend globally Rersists.”

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