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Orgeron: Comments a ‘fiery moment’


LSU coach Ed Orgeron said his boisterous and sometimes profane locker room speech after the topranked Tigers beat Alabama was not meant for public consumptio­n and not meant to hurt anyone.

An unidentifi­ed LSU player posted about 14 seconds of the speech on social media after Saturday night’s 46-41 victory in Tuscaloosa. A rowdy Orgeron can be heard yelling that LSU is going to beat Alabama in recruiting and “every time they see us.” Orgeron also uses an expletive to mock Alabama’s “Roll Tide” rallying cry.

“The things that I say outside, to the media, those are things I want to get out, and if I wanted that to get out, I would have said that outside,” Orgeron said Monday when asked about the social media post. “You get emotional. You talk to your team — it’s your family. Just like we all talk to our family.

“We talk around the dinner table and say some things that outside the family we don’t say. It was no means to hurt anybody — nothing like that. It was just a fiery moment, a very emotional moment. I think that’s all that was.”

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