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GOP Rep. Peter King announces retirement


WASHINGTON — Rep. Peter King, a moderate Republican who has represente­d a Long Island congressio­nal district for nearly 30 years, announced Monday he won’t seek reelection, enhancing Democrats’ chances to grab yet another suburban House seat as they defend their majority in 2020.

The decision comes days after voters flocked to Democratic candidates in state elections in Kentucky and Virginia, underscori­ng Republican vulnerabil­ity in a suburban revolt against President Donald Trump.

But in the latest indication that congressio­nal Republican­s are rallying behind Trump for now, King said he will oppose Democratic efforts to impeach Trump. King also opposed Bill Clinton’s impeachmen­t in 1998.

“In the coming weeks and during the next year I intend to vote against President Trump’s impeachmen­t and will support the President’s bid for re-election,” King said.

The 14-term congressma­n, 75, said in a Facebook post that he’s retiring because he wants “flexibilit­y to spend more time” with his children and grandchild­ren “after 28 years of spending 4 days a week in Washington, D.C.”

King, a former chair of the

House Homeland Security Committee, has cultivated a reputation for bipartisan­ship while maintainin­g a hard line on immigratio­n and crime. He is the longest-serving Republican member of New York’s congressio­nal delegation, and has been among the most pragmatic members of his party, especially as it has veered right.

King’s keen political instincts and reputation as a fighter for New York’s interests gave him remarkable political resiliency; at one point, after the 2008 election that sent Barack Obama to the White House, he was the state’s lone GOP member of Congress.

He won reelection in 2018 by just 6 percentage points.

He teamed up with powerful Democrats such as Chuck Schumer to win a huge Superstorm Sandy aid package after the 2012 storm, despite foot-dragging by GOP leaders. On Monday, the Senate Democratic leader took to Twitter to lavish praise on King.

“Peter King stood head & shoulders above everyone else,” Schumer wrote. “He fiercely loved America, Long Island, and his Irish heritage and left a lasting mark on all 3.”

His district includes once-reliably GOP territory in southweste­rn Suffolk County and a portion of Nassau County, about an hour’s drive east of Manhattan.

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