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Biden’s decency


Editor: Leo Roston, author of “The Joys of Yiddish,” defines the term mensch this way: Someone to admire and emulate, someone of noble character, rectitude, dignity, a sense of what is right, responsibl­e, decorous.

Former Vice President Joe Biden is the quintessen­tial

mensch. He embodies all the attributes needed to become the 46th president.

Last October, my husband and I had the opportunit­y to hear Biden speak at an event at Fox Hill Country Club in Exeter, a place that is near and dear to my heart. My late father, Murray Blum, was a member there from the mid1960s until his untimely passing in January 1982. He made his only hole-in-one there in August 1967.

Before we left for Fox Hill, my then-95-year-old mother, Fern, called me and told me that if I had the chance to speak to Biden to be sure and tell him how much she loved him. I honestly did not think I would get that chance, but after Biden’s remarks, I was fortunate to shake his hand and relay my mother’s message. He asked me to call her on my cellphone so that he could speak to her.

They spoke for a few minutes and my mom told him how much she loved him, and he told her that he loved her, too. She ended the conversati­on by telling him that she hoped to still be around to vote for him. Not only was my mother able to vote for Biden in the primary election, she turned 96 in July and she, along with the rest of our family, will proudly cast our ballots for him on Nov. 3. SUSAN BLUM CONNORS SCRANTON

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