Dave Neese: Doc­u­mented facts about ‘un­doc­u­mented’

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Surely it was a white su­prem­a­cist — or at a min­i­mum a xeno­pho­bic bigot — who brazenly ut­tered these words: “We sim­ply can’t al­low peo­ple to pour into the United States un­de­tected, unchecked, cir­cum­vent­ing the peo­ple who are wait­ing pa­tiently, dili­gently, law­fully to be­come im­mi­grants in the coun­try.”

But, lo and be­hold, these were not the words of some slope­browed ya­hoo driv­ing around in a pickup with a con­fed­er­ate de­cal on the rear win­dow right by the gun rack.

These were the words of none other than Barack Obama, spo­ken in 2005.

Okay, but surely the fol­low­ing words, spo­ken in 2007, were the sen­ti­ments of a Klan rab­bler­ouser:

“I don’t know why we need mil­lions of peo­ple to be com­ing into the coun­try who will work for lower wages than Amer­ica works and drive down wages even lower than they are now.”

Nope, not Klan words. Those were the words of Bernie Sanders, so­cial­ist tribune for the toil­ing pro­le­tariat.

No doubt Barack and Bernie have now “evolved,” as has their party.

Bernie com­pletely misses the point. Lower wages are the very rea­son a por­ous bor­der is jus­ti­fied, in the view of Repub­li­can oli­garchs and their mouth­pieces on Capi­tol Hill — lob­by­ists, rep­re­sen­ta­tives and se­na­tors.

La­bor unions were once in the fore­front mak­ing this point, up un­til the unions started rak­ing in dues from a mem­ber­ship dom­i­nated by pub­lic em­ploy­ees.

Un­like con­struc­tion crew or load­ing dock work­ers, pub­lic em­ploy­ees don’t have to fret about be­ing dis­placed by il­le­gal alien — oops, un­doc­u­mented im­mi­grants — who’ll gladly do the job for half pay and without ben­e­fits to boot.

News me­dia, too, have lit­tle worry of los­ing their jobs to, say, Gu­atemalans who never got be­yond the sixth grade.

All right, then, but who said “not ev­ery­one ben­e­fits when im­mi­grants ar­rive”? Was it David Duke or some­body of that ilk?

Nope. It was Har­vard econ­o­mist Ge­orge J. Bor­jas, an im­mi­grant him­self (le­gal).

It was he who also noted that “Im­mi­grants re­ceive gov­ern­ment as­sis­tance at a greater rate than na­tives.”

Maybe some­body ought to re­port this guy to the South­ern Poverty Law Cen­ter so it can black­list him as a hate-speech­spew­ing ex­trem­ist.

Even though Bor­jas rates le­gal im­mi­gra­tion an over­all plus for the na­tion, he notes that the in­flux of low-skilled for­eign­ers has in­creased the size of the coun­try’s bot­tom-of-the-pyra­mid work­force by 25 per­cent. And this, he cal­cu­lates, drives down their mea­ger wages by as much as $1,500 a year, un­der­min­ing the min­i­mum-wage hikes Democrats so like to cham­pion.

This, Bor­jas fur­ther notes, has a dis­parate im­pact on African-Amer­i­cans. “Dis­parate im­pact” — that used to be a fa­vorite term of Demo­cratic pro­gres­sives. No mas. You- don’t hear it spo­ken nowa­days in the con­text of il­le­gal im­mi­gra­tion.

Crime is, how­ever, in­creas­ingly talked about in this con­text. But only by Fox News and the Repub­li­can Na­tional Com­mit­tee — cor­rect?

In­cor­rect. An­other wrong as­sump­tion.

The Gov­ern­ment Ac­count­abil­ity Of­fice (GAO) puts out a re­port called “Crim­i­nal Alien Sta­tis­tics.” The 2018 edi­tion notes 208,800 crim­i­nal aliens in state and fed­eral prisons, do­ing time for an as­sort­ment of felonies at a tax­payer cost of $1.4 bil­lion an­nu­ally.

That seems like a lot of of­fend­ers be­hind bars if im­mi­grant crime is merely, as fre­quently as­serted, a “dog-whis­tle” term the Know Noth­ings em­ploy to in­cite re­sent­ment of brown peo­ple.

Look­ing at a sam­ple of 197,000 crim­i­nal aliens, the GAO re­ports an av­er­age 10 crim­i­nal of­fenses per alien among this group. Ten!

For the pe­riod roughly 20112016, the GAO re­ports the fol­low­ing num­ber of of­fenses by il­le­gal aliens:

— Drugs: 761,200 state, 336,600 fed­eral.

— As­saults: 397,000 state, 108,400 fed­eral.

— Weapons: 124,709 state, 44,500 fed­eral.

— Sex of­fenses: 120,300 state, 13,600 fed­eral.

— Rob­beries: 54,700 state, 13,500 fed­eral.

— Homi­cides: 50,300 state, 6,000 fed­eral.

— Kid­nap­pings: 18,600 state, 5,000 fed­eral.

No­tice these are not jay­walk­ing-level in­frac­tions. What might the mag­ni­tude of such sta­tis­tics be without sanc­tu­ary cities?

You may make what you will of such data. But it’s hard to pon­der these num­bers and come to a con­clu­sion that il­le­gal aliens

— yes, il­le­gal aliens, that’s the term used in fed­eral statutes — are a co­hort of choir boys.

Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi are en­ti­tled to their own po­lit­i­cal views on the topic of il­le­gal im­mi­gra­tion — but not to their own data re­gard­ing its ef­fect on crime and eco­nomics.

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