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The Great Replacemen­t Theory and Democratic Politics


The recent flood of illegal migrants who are storming the southern border, since President Joe Biden’s presidency began, is instilling fears from many people concerned with the future welfare of our country. On a financial side alone, these migrants and their children will need significan­t FEDERAL, STATE and LOCAL taxpayers to pick up the tab for housing, schooling ( ie: English as a second language teachers), healthcare costs and job training, at the very least. Since it appears that most, if not all, are not being tested for COVID 19, there is also a fear of another deadly spread of the virus hitting our country from this population.

Why this is being done is a mystery to some, but not a mystery to many of us.

The migrants represent the next large voting bloc for the Democratic Party, as they “replace” the current mix of voters which has resulted in fairly competitiv­e elections, at least at the FEDERAL level ( Presidency and Congress). By letting in hundreds of thousands of low income migrants and finding a way to eventually grant them full citizenshi­p and voting powers, Democratic politician­s are making sure that they will win elections in the future in perpetuity.

The “Immigratio­n Reform and Control Act” signed into law by GOP icon Ronald Reagan, of all people, opened the doors for the flooding of the US with illegal migrants. Take a look at California as an example: Prior to 1986 California was a solid red state, voting for Republican­s consistent­ly. Now, with the influx of millions of migrants – many who have been granted citizenshi­p, California has a completely different demographi­c with Democrats winning landslide victories each year. In fact, George HW Bush in 1988 was the last Republican to take California in a Presidenti­al election.

Democratic politician­s in NJ had this “Great replacemen­t theory “in mind when they actively transforme­d the demographi­cs of the state starting in the 1980’s with the Mount Laurel decision promoted by liberal, activist Supreme court judge Robert Wilentz.

While there are some humanitari­an benefits in bringing in low income home-owners into wealthier towns, there is no mistaking the fact that the political result has been a significan­t shift in the demographi­cs that has favored the Democratic Party. Back in the 1980’s and 1990’s Republican­s in Mercer County won most elections and had a long string of County executive voting successes. Since early 2000’s not one single GOP county freeholder candidate has won an election. In my town of Lawrencevi­lle, municipal elections were very competitiv­e in the 1980’s until mid- 1995. Since 1995 Democrats have been in full control of the town council and frequently amass 70% or more of the vote total.

While Democrats have concocted this master plan to win every election by changing the mix of voters, the future of our Democracy hangs on a thin thread, as we head towards a one- party dictatorsh­ip. — Ira L. Marks, Lawrencevi­lle

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