New ‘ris­ing star’ doesn’t un­der­stand

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Alexan­dria Oca­sioCortez, is an up­com­ing star of the Demo­cratic Party. She is at­trac­tive, glib, en­er­getic … but she has zero un­der­stand­ing of his­tory or eco­nomics. She es­pouses so­cial­ism, but has no idea what it means. With so­cial­ism, the gov­ern­ment owns and op­er­ates the means of pro­duc­tion and reg­u­lates the dis­tri­bu­tion of goods and ser­vices in so­ci­ety. As Karl Marx ex­plained many years ago, so­cial­ism can­not ex­ist with­out a vi­o­lent over­throw of the rul­ing class. Where it does ex­ist, like the for­mer So­viet Union, Com­mu­nist China, Cuba and Venezuela, it has led to wide­spread poverty and lack of pro­duc­tiv­ity. Be­ing glib and at­trac­tive does not guar­an­tee in­tel­li­gence.

Her sug­ges­tion that we have free health care for all is equally lu­di­crous. When you tax the wealthy to pay for any­thing, they just pass it on to the mid­dle class through in­creased prices of goods and ser­vices. Let us say you tax the rich man $10 to pay for a new health care pro­gram. The rich man then charges $10 more for the shirt he pro­duces. The mid­dle-class worker pays $10 more for his work shirt. So, who do you think is pay­ing for the new health pro­gram?

– Melvin de la Motte,

San Luis Obispo

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